Yoda and the Art of Communication

Communication provides the information interchange that fuels our social interactions. It is the essential foundation on which relationships with other are built. Communication is constructed on conventions to allow mutual understanding. Many of life’s protocols have been turned upside down.

The handshake a universal symbol of greeting and mistrust is potentially dangerous. Crossing the road when you notice someone coming the other way is now respectful rather than rude. Use of mobile phones for individual chat whilst amongst others has transferred from a sign of a disconnect to those present to a potential necessity to connect with those isolated within other rooms of the same building. The weaknesses of social networking have been the subject of many debates. Now it is time for those sites to show their strengths.

It is just my cat Tom and I at the moment and my blog is one of my ways of communicating. I hope to prompt thought encourage laughter and smiles and breed hope. My words are my ammunition stored in my arsenal to fight the propaganda war against the corona virus.

A friend’s recent message due to addition of the letter f to a word became a false declaration of an ended relationship. Her boyfriend had not “f”’ed off and no f words were involved but the changing of let to left, changed the whole message. A message I had yesterday from one of my daughters had one word changed and I tell the story here in rhyme.


Yoda in the hole

Had a message I just have to share

Yoda in the hole, anyone care

Need a team for a rescue mission

Before it gets to dire position

Dig Yoda out before gets deeper

His wisdom we know is a keeper

Star Wars philosophy under threat

Our force flies to you with no regret

Not a venture just for Hans Solo

Need a Jedi light sabre hero

Bring a torch in case of the dark side

Be prepared as we go side by side

No Wookie but just had a wedgie

Farce is strong on this one, you can see

Beware the deadly phantom menace

Hold your nose and flatulence will pass

Wait, a message clarifies new hope

False alarms stand down give me some rope

Predictive text strikes back once again

Technology blip but Yoda remains

Only a sausage has been battered

Toad in the hole message that mattered

Stand down cancel the emergency

Just a report of my daughter’s tea

Yoda once said, “always pass on what you learn” and also “you must unlearn what you have learnt,” I will leave you the reader to determine the hidden message of this blog. If you would kindly leave your thoughts in a comment, I will acknowledge the best as my own.

Thank you for reading

Take care

Best wishes


Behind Closed Doors

We wake up today in a world that has never before focussed so much on the same issue. Anyone could be vulnerable to a virus. Nationality, race, status or any other category we can come up with are of no interest to Covid 19. We share the same worries and the same hopes. Doctors and nurses worldwide take on a pandemic and if underequipped or unprotected they carry on anyway.

As we sit behind closed doors connected by technology and social media, we need to realise that these walls do not divide us. They separate us physically, but they cannot jail love and hope. We all share the same story and if we are not on the same page, we are part of the same chapter of humanity.

Behind Closed Doors

Families divided

By a cough

So near yet so far

Behind closed doors

Parents and children

Partners parted

Cherished shielded

Behind closed doors

Virus unseen

Ambush alert

Always on guard

Behind closed does

Hope of soap

As we wash hands

Tissues capture death

Behind closed doors

Kisses denied

A lovers touch

A tender danger

Behind closed doors

Separated by walls

Yet joined by love

A shared ordeal

Behind closed walls

This I vow

I am with you now

My thoughts are yours

Behind closed doors

We stand together

Strength shared

Until the day

We open the doors


If you are feeling isolated or overwhelmed, please contact someone. We may have closed doors, shops schools, restaurants, etc but our hearts are still open for business. Together we are stronger, lets share that strength and help others.


Take care

Stay safe

Best wishes


From Self Isolation to Social Distancing

What a strange few days I have now reached the end of my period of self isolation. My daughter who had some symptoms is okay and I haven’t had any symptoms. Now I am social distancing.


The past few days I have found things to do outside in the mornings, mowing the lawn, pruning, pulling up weeds, washing the car, and sorting the shed.

I also tried to vacuum the car but that didn’t go so well. I have a vacuum cleaner that you can detach the flexible hose and add an attachment. I just needed to find the handle and long tube that attaches to the flexible hose. It seemed to be missing. I found it and it was part of the vacuum. It was the handle.

Having solve putting the attachment on I took the vacuum to the car. The flexible was inflexible in its length. It was too short and the handle with the tube was too long. It wasn’t possible to manoeuvre it around the car and all I wanted to do the Shake the Vac.


The trimming the hedge went a bit more smoothly.

Although I am unimpressed that passers by seem to have treated it as a mini landfill site. How the hell do we export all this rubbish when so many people can’t even get it in the bin.?


Yesterday I took everything out of my shed or the spider shack as I am now going to call it. I hadn’t realised there were so many spiders in there.


Spider Shack

A spiders’ lair

Is on the web

Hangs in the air

Confidence ebb

Eight legs and fangs

Arachnid pangs

My shed, I fled


I ignored all the web and emptied the shed sorting out rubbish as I went. I found gaping holes at the back of the shed which I covered with boards but had to be careful what I nail to as so much was rotten. After I finished, I refilled the shed. Despite not putting everything back I still struggle to put it all in. The ladders in particular needed precision entry into the shed with the steps almost a dance routine. A dance routine with a complexity of movement but no rhythm.

I noticed my cat Tom turning a blind eye to one of the neighbours coming in and eating his food. I gave him a pep talk but I’m not sure he understood. It has also been a relief to start having walks in the afternoon. Just a circular walk around the estate but now my self-isolation has ended, and I am social distancing I have a little more flexibility.

In the afternoons I have had more time to cook but have generally stuck to the traditional straight forward meanings. Now is not the time for trying to use any ingredients that I might have to search for in the shops. Yesterday I made a Beef Heart in Beer Casserole that required whatever in gradient I had or could find in the cupboard or fridge. In the evenings I have read books and written my blogs. This has all been mixed with housework and the TV news on the pandemic.

Not sure what I will do tomorrow morning, but I will find something.

Take care


Sweet Dreams for Jago.- Free

This is a difficult time for the adults but we have a bundle of life experience to use to understand the ramifications. It is hard on the offspring too. So I wanted to do something for them.


A few years ago I had to take one of my daughters to the hospital. She needed some medication but my car was with the garage for some work to be done. A friend stepped and drove us there, waiting to drive us back missing bedtime reading with her son. As a thank you. I compiled a few of my suitable poems and realised for a 4 year old they needed pictures. A friend illustrated them and I realised we could make a book from them. I had 100 copies printed and we sold them for the UK Charity appeal children in need.

I would like to give those stories to the children. I have put a pdf file here that can be downloaded and printed or read from the computer.

Sweet Dreams for Jago pdf amended

I hope they bring a smile to some of the little ones.

Take care



The Clap and the Mask

At 7.56 pm I opened my front door and stood peering out into the evening. It was so quiet and peaceful I was afraid it was going to be an anti climax. I watched as the time slowly slid to 8.00 pm and then it began. The clap sounded and applause was all around complimented by random cheers. My hands provided their contribution as the claps rumble sent its message. A message to the best of us in thanks for their dedication

NHS Claptrap

NHS gets the clap
Applause from all to cap
Their dedication

To give medication
Gathered at their doorways
All hands together to praise
NHS not clapped out
It’s the staff that it’s about
They will perform the encore
If needed will be more and more
Risk themselves for patients
Our thanks by clapping sent

This morning I was sent a picture from one of my daughters. She is on the high risk list and had to go for a medical appointment at 7.30 this morning. Her appointment was well planned and was timed just after the surgery was deep cleaned and before it opened. I was impressed by this forethought.

masked maniac


Masked Maniac

Who is that masked maniac

Is it an evil attack

Is thumbs up a dire threat

Diabolical regret


Maybe Scarlett Pimpernel

Axe murderer can you tell

Fingerprints hidden by glove

Assassin sent from above


A mask covers her intent

It makes her smile latent

Super hero or villain

Force for good if god willing


Or maybe it’s my angel

Daughter prepared so well

For medical appointment

Necessary treatment


An evil looking disguise

Hides the beauty in her eyes

Her safety takes precedence

Masked angel incident

Last night we showed our support for the NHS. Now we need to show it again and again. We need to do everything asked and try to limit the pressure on the people who are so dedicated to our health.

Take care




One man went to mow

On Tuesday I started to do a little bit of gardening to try and be more active. It worked well and was nice to be in the fresh air. My lawn was overgrown and certainly needed it.


One man went to mow

Went to mow a jungle

One man watched by his cat

Went to mow a jungle


Grass so long still grow

Goes up past my ankles

Weeds from seeds didn’t sow

Makes it all a tangle


One man went to mow

Dew wet grass in jungle

Man alone cat ran off

Went to mow a jungle


Yesterday I pulled up weeds and pruned bushes. This included limiting the pervaded presence of a twisted hazel in the middle of my lawn. I also rediscovered swingball, bringing back memories of my daughters and camping. This has allowed me to enjoy the sun and keep busy. I rewarded myself with a delicious bacon sandwich for lunch.


This morning I washed my car, removing an amount of mud which must improve fuel efficiency and, make it lighter and faster. Hopefully I can lose some weight and do the same for me.

Stay active, stay safe.

Take care

Best Wishes



I have been self isolating for over a week due to another family member being unwell. They are better and I have had no symptoms. I haven’t been climbing the walls but have found motivation to be active distinctly lacking. I am supposed to socially distance after the isolation and this changes everything whether I work from home or stay at home because the work cannot be sorted. Routines are important to me. The structure of my day dictated by going to work has been planned to fit with my medication and a lot more. It facilitates my social life and with overtime as well supports my finances. Sleeping was also a problem for me and my regular routine assisted that.
My Sunday morning badminton was an integral part of my weekly exercise. Okay I could go on for ages and bore not only you but also me. Life is not the same but there are still some opportunities. My garden is a mess, I have cupboards that need sorting out, things that need sorting, things to put in the roof etc.
I still have to get up in the mornings to take my medication. So I can structure my routine around that. When I get up for tablets, I get dressed, have breakfast, check messages then for the morning do some work in the garden (or tidying up the house if wet). After lunch I can do some housework and cooking. When my self isolation has finished I can take a walk in the afternoon. Leaving the evenings free for reading, writing, tv etc.
I started today with mowing the lawn and I felt better for spending time outside. I have to look after myself to help looking after my family even if I am not able to go to them. I can still help them organise, give advice and make them laugh. We can play spot the difference


It is important to remember that the things we face at the moment are temporary. We need to make the best of them to comply with the restrictions. This will end and we need to focus on the long term. We can make the best of the present and there is much to be thankful for.