Pasty- don’t bite off more than you can chew


Compulsive Behaviour

I am taking on one of my mums pasties luckily am not biting more than I can chew or even biting at all.

I take 14mg of ropinarole a day and this can lead to compulsive behaviour. One issue I have had is binge eating.especially at night. I havef a pasty here now and if I bite it I will finish it. This pasty is for my lunch tomorrow but it is freshly baked  and at 23.39 it has occured to me to eat it and I really want it. But why? I am not really hungry yet all I want is say half the pasty and yet if I have it I will finish it.
I put on about 3 stone in just over 3 years and I need to lose weight. Iam losing weight so why would I sabotage that?Compulsive behaviour. Anything can be an excuse? The fact that I lost weight makes me think hat I have leeway to eat the pasty.
So what do I do?
1) First is to be aware of the compulsion
2) Recognise it is not a good idea
3) Don’t do it.
4)If just reasoning not enough have a strategy-ie I won’t allow myself the pasty but have just had a yoghurt and water.
5) Go public- If I don’t have a pasty with me at work tomorrow somebody will notice.
6)  Ensure you stay honest-Nobody from work knows I have two pasties the other one for my girlfriend. Who would know if I ate mine now and havehers tomorrow. (she will know she reads my blog)
7) If compulsive behaviour continues discuss medication with Dr.
In a minute the final part of my strategy will be to go to bed.
If you are suffering from compulsive behaviour of any type the first step is recognition. The second is deciding not to do it. That decision needs commitment. Commmitment is the hardest part but I wish you luck and I know you can do it. Just think of me pasty obsessed dying to eat the evidence. If I can resist maybe you can too.

Exercise for the New Year and the New Me

No Strings Badminton


Reminding myself why I played badminton today.

1) Am fat and overweight need more exersise
2) Sport where you hit things very therapeutic
3) Feel good mentally afterwards
4) Satisfaction in hitting unreturnable shot
5) Sleep better after exercise
6) Help in muscle toning and retaining physique
7) Improves metabolic rate
8) Maked you more alert and feel energetic
9) Good for heart increases heart rate
10) Increases bone density makes you stronger
11) Decreases chance of diabetes
12) Reduces hypertension
13) Improves lung function
14) Make new friends
This list outweighs the aching muscles I now have that stiffen up everytime I sit down for a few minutes.
I need more exercise and I used to play badminton so when I heard of “no strings badminton” it sounded perfect.
“No strings badminton” is an initiative that makes it easy and sociable to just go and play badminton.There are over 1000 weekly sessions running in England. led by a session co-ordinator. You just turn up and play with oyjers who have turned up.The emphasis on playing to enjoy it rather than competition.
So I just turned up and was welcomed by a friendly group of people. Paid £3.50 which allows you to stay for as much of the two hour session as you wish. Apart from a peg system that in some arcane manner helps to decide whose turn is next on a court when one of the four courts came free everything isstraightforward. Despite being unco-ordinated and slow to cover the court I felt welcomed and accepted by a friendly bunch of people.There were players ranging from someone new to the game and a righthanded person playing left handed due to an injury to his main shoulder to the good players who make it look easy. I will be going again next week.
Anyone who wishes to know more.there is a website
Ps Anyone local from the Parkinson’s community who wishes to come along and try the session at Polkyth Leisure Centreat 10-12.00 on a Sunday is welcome to contact me. I have a couple of spare rackets available if needed.

Creative Writing

There is a line of thought that suggests we may have other talents because our Parkinson’s. Personally I don’t believe that. I believe that due to our Parkinson’s wehave tried other activities that have led us to notice and maybe practice latent talents.  For me that means writing.

As well as the blog I am writibng a book. I write fiction, poetry, as well as non-fiction. I write to communicate, express emotions, come to terms with feelings etc and sometimes for reasons I have yet to fathom.

The God

The writer is a creator

Words live nothing is greater

The pen is mightier than swod

Something that struck a chord


In this land words can edit

Reality, mine it is legit

Can choose to run or fight

As  writer can end the plight


Words can hurt or words can soothe

Words can get you in the groove

Words have power words can emote

Words take ideas and promote


The writer has his own power

imagination start to flower

Can create whole new worlds

No limit to what I unfurl


There you go a quick poem written just for here. I felt showing a few items may explain better than me explaining. Not all my poetry rhymes.


Only the moon
It was a crisp coldwinters night
The clouds had departed for slumber
To allow the last vestiges of solar heat
To depart leaving a chill in my bones

Only the moon remained as awake as I
Reveling in its opportunity to shine
leaving eerie shadows around me
Befitting my sombre mood

As I look around in the gloom
Colour and beauty subdued
Night has stolen the glory
Night has taken away the joy

My gaze is drawn to a solitary streetlight
Its artificial halo marks its territory
The beauty bathed in the surrounding glow
Is merely dormant camouflaged by darkness

Just as my soul as black as night
Still contains the goodnes I felt in the daytime
The lonelyness of the night will pass
The sun will warm my body and soul

Only the moon still as awake as I
As it looks down with understanding
Only the moon more awake than I
Will watch over as I finally sleep


Sometimes my poetry is a bit more playful.



Ode to plenty of fish


I came to find a solemate

but all I have done is flounder

Have offered free spare tyre

been turned down for being rounder


If they want mussels

Ain’t got the abs

Unlike the players

Haven’t got crabs


Never fished before where

the fish threw me back

Right type of bait

Maybe something I lack


I only want one

so fishing quotas okay

Get out my rod

Maybe today is the day



I know that I

have excellent tackle

To boast of it

Could raise hackles



Just one Angelfish

Is all I require

So to be a good angler

I will aspire

So if you want to try some poetry,


Does anyone want to see more poetry on the blog or something else, a short story perhaps. If you do please tell me by commenting on the blog here and following so if i do respond to a request I know you will see it.

Thanks for reading. Bye for now.

Take Care



How to be productive with Parkinson’s


I am 47, work fulltime separated with 3 daughters  13 ,  20 and   21. My youngest spends half her time here and her 20 year old sister lives here with boyfriend She has an autoimmune condition. I  am writing a book and do what I can for Parkinson’s UK. That and other things including my girlfriend keep me fairly busy.


You compare this with taking drugs that make you sleepy in the day time, a condition that leaves you tired, messes up your body clock and disrupts night time sleep. Arthritis  in left knee and right foot, some loss of strength , some loss of manual dexterity and you can see the lifestyle and the medical issues are somewhat in conflict,


So what is the answer? The answer (my answer) is taking control through a day of routines. I have been through the organisation of my whole day and looked at how to plan it for me. Mornings were a problem so I tried to make my plans more realistic. Basic tasks like putting my watch on or putting my shoes on can take longer. So I checked and allow myself more time in the morning.. My alarm goes off at 6am and I am usually generally a bit stiff but a warm shower is enough to loosen me up. I then run through calf stretch exercises given by podiatrist.. I continue with other things  feeding cats, cleaning  teeth etc)  and built a bit extra time in for anything unexpected.


I head for work and take my tablets at about 8am (so at the weekend I don’t have to get up too early). I take 14mg of once a day Ropinarole, 1mg Rasagiline and the first of three 100mg/25 mg capsules of co-beneldopa (others at about 12.30-13.00 and 17.30-18.00). As well as my Parkinson’s medication sometimes I take anti-inflammatories for arthritis and tablets to calm bladder. Sometimes I take paracetamol for headaches. This regime works for me but others need to arrange their medication for the best benefit for them. For example if you have more difficulty getting moving might want to set alarm an hour before getting up so the edication can get you moving before getting out of bed.


My routines continue at work. I have a sympathetic boss and employer who allow me flexibility. I am allowed a smaller workload and some software and computer equipment that make my life easier. More importantly I am allowed flexibility and understanding. I used to be able to plan, prioritise and control my work off the top of my head. Now i have to use lists and strategies to control my workload. My delegation and co-operation needs to be better. One helpful aspect is the flexibility over my lunchbreak. When needed I can take longer to make sure I am ready for the afternoon, I still have experience, knowledge and talent but I need to ensure the best environment to make the most use


My evening routines have also changed and have included family members in that change. Others now giving me more time for me. So I have time in the evenings to read and watch tv as well as using the computer. I have joined a book group at work to encourage me to read. An activity I stopped doing because I needed to obtain reading glasses. After a visit to the opticians and several jokes. When asked by the optician if I had any sight problems in the family and I explained my children’s congenital difficulties with seeing housework. Then asked if I had problems I explained, that I could rarely see any money in my bank account. She then apologised for “dazzling me ” and I made her blush by asking if she said that to all the guys. She got her revenge though because despite new glasses the bill ensured there was no money to see in my bank account.


I have altered routines to always walk to the local shops and this now forms part of increasing my exercise. I put on weight and lost fitness when I had some arthritis problems with my knee and foot. However now with more exercise and slightly more care with food I am losing weight again. I also plan to start playing badminton. The local sports centre runs “no strings” badminton on Sunday mornings. It means that you just turn up and for a small fee play with anyone else who turns up. I will try this next week.


I have spent times over the last couple of years losing fitness, putting on  weight , struggling at work due to tiredness. It has taken months of changes and a complete overhaul of my life but I have made huge progress. If you need to look at your life be patient with yourself but keep trying. What works for me may not work for anyone else but you can still improve things. Any improvement is worth it.


Any advice or suggestions anyone else can give please leave comments. There is more I can learn from others so please share your experiences as well

Photography-Take a positive picture of 2016

Silverlining in clouds
A couple of years ago after my wife left i tried internet dating. I don’t usually supply details but this story is a bit different. One of the ladies I spoke to had MS and was confined to a wheelchair.She couldn’t go out on her own and only had the regular company of a carer who came in most days of the week to help out. Her only other regular company was a Robin in her garden she watched form her conservatory.There were several disabled people on the dating site and even though we were all different we all shared the bond of having seen people disappear and block us at the first mention of a condition. There was no romantic link between us. One day she confided to me she was feeling down from lack of company and from lack of purpose. So i madea suggestion as we all do to lonely ladies on dating sites. I suggested that she took photographs of the  Robin.  The idea was simple just take the best photograph she could.

Photography is a hobby that can be done on many levels. It can be done without even a camera(you can use a phone) Camera’s are available that have settings that can cope with tremor. Simple camera’s need little photography knowledge. Photography can be done by those completely inactive at home with pictures of pets. It can also be used to encourage increasing activity by going for walks and photograhing the scenery. With digital camera’s you can take as many pictures as you like.and delete any you dont want.
I have on occasions when needing something to do just gone out and taken photographs. Taking pictures in the dark I found look very dfferent. Photographs of the sky and clouds produced some lovely pictures. I have in the past organised a photography competition that lead to the production of a fund raising calender but best of all led to a friend finding a new hobby.
Photography is a very accessible hobbyavailable to people with Parkinson’s at almost any stage of our condition. So I have a request. Can anyone donate to me a basic digital camera. Nothing too fancy just and ordinary digital but with the cable to link it to the computer and a memory card. I wioll then loan it to members of the Young People with Parkinson’s in Cornwall Group or members of the Young Parkinsons Network.If you can help contact me at
Photography could provide you with a new interest and could form part of your new year resolution why not give it a try?
I am no expert but a few of my snaps are below.
View from my back yard
Copper surveying his territory

Trying closeup mode