Shuttlecocks, Mussels, and Photography Challenge

Sunday was a great day. A day of energy and sport. I must admit I don’t cover the court at Badminton as I used to but on the plus side don’t get in my partners way either. I did get in the way of the shuttlecock though and was hit on the for head holding my racquet up a second too late.Hand and eye co-ordination sounds simple but the phrase disguises the need to include the rest of your body. Hand and eye co-ordination also had to include my shoulder and elbow.

After lunch I dropped my daughter to her Mums and thought about the afternoon.I have things to do on the computer but if I start now I might not get the benefit of the weather. So I grab my camera and walk towards Par Beach taking a few photos on the way.



Anyway carried on walking until I got to the beach. with a band of gorse surrounding it but the golden yellow of the gorse flower sporadic as the flower seems to be past its best. The air is hazy but it is warm in the sun with a pleasant gentle breeze. The tide is strikingly absent leaving a large expanse of sand on one side of me. The docks on the other.


I wandered over the beach and took some pictures.There were a few people walking dogs but they were sparsely spread across the beach. Next photo is for the girls Muscles on the beachDSCN3490[1]

Sorry meant Mussells on the beach.



As I was taking photos I tried to take less obvious pictures than the usual beach landscapes.I even just took pictures of the sand.


So I thought I would issue a challenge.Who can take the most interesting Beach photograph.Open to anyone anywhere with Parkinson’s. Just email the picures to me with details of where and what they are and who took them on what date. Send them by 1 November 2016 and I will reward my favourite with a £10 Amazon voucher. Photos should be sent to .