I recently spotted a competition on a rhyming website I sometimes use called Rhymezone. Enthralled by the challenge and not all all swayed by the ten $500 dollar prizes.The theme was community and in my poem I consideredthe changes wrought by technology and different lifestyles to traditional communities and the opportunities technology creates.

Community is obsolete
Community is obsolete
Downfall is almost complete
We don’t interact with neighbours
Making effort too much labour
Community is in demise
Causes we can analyse
In a modern world we spread our wings
Less interested in local surroundings
                                                                                                                                                                                  Community is out of date
Technology seals its fate
Interact more with our devices
Interpersonal skills never suffices
Community is not dead yet
Without its benefits we would regret
It’s collectivity does support
Its still alive we can retort
Community is about identity
It is not just locality
Opportunities with technology exist
Build online and communities persist
Community can stay alive
Common purpose helps them thrive
Social network can prevent isolation
Mutual support our destination
Community still has a place
In changing world and  human race
Internet support groups for health condition
Strengthens resolve provides ammunition
Community is more diverse
It connections can traverse
Across borders, continents
Sharing thinking and kind intents
Community is our future
Even if joined by computer
We are all stronger when together
Live by sharing cast off the tether
I am lucky to be involved with several communities on line and I would like to take the opportunity to thank some of those responsible.The first community is catchily named The Young People with Parkinson’s in Cornwall( formerly known as YOPs). For years the local branches of Parkinson’s Uk had pondered the lack of involement of us Parkinson’s youngsters. To no avail until the arrival of Sue and John from the Midlands. Johnhad found the support of a local group in the Midlands to be just what he need to help him come to terms with his Parkinson’s. With his wife Sue a dynamo of perpetual motion able to take on more committee roles than most could contemplate theyset about creating a working age group here. They brought a lot of us here educated us and provided support networks that has evolved to a community organised around a Facebook page.
David Sangster another Parkinson’s community initiater took a different approach.He uused Google and Google hangouts to bring people with Parkinson’s.His group now not only Nationwide but also with participation outside the UK has emerged as a proactive and positive group. Both groups mentioned so far allow Parkinson’s People and partners to Network with people who understand, spreading knowledge and providing support.
Another lady of note is HeidiReynolds. Her Heidi Parkie Reynolds Facebook page promotes keeping Parkinson’s at bay by maintaining fitness with exercise, promotes health and blends it with positivity. Ray Wegrzyn who worked for 19 years after being dignosed(a reecord as far as I am awre) has started a charity Parkinson’s Equip a charity thatwill provide grants of funds to assist People with Parkinson’s take up sporting or creative pursuits which help so much in well being. Their website maybe found at
I will just again mention Rhymezone who prompted the inspiration for this blog.They lso have forums where you can post poetry and share it with others. It has a knowledgible, talented and welcoming community of poets. If you write poetry have a look.
If you like poetry please Email me on  and arrange to buy a copy of the Cornish Moods Poetry book. Full details are in my previous blog.
So just to finish online communities with modern communication allow us to network like never before. So why not see if you can benefit, there is nothing to lose.

Cornish Moods

Hi Everyone I would like to welcome you all to my blog and announce that from 18 to 24 April 2016 is Parkinson’s UKs National Awareness week. This blog is to promote the event and to keep you informed of my contribution.After talking to some fellow people with Parkinson’s last year I realised hat they wanted awareness but findit hard to cope with discriptive information about the disease. Although not sharing their concern I do understand it so this year I decided to produce a small volume of poetry from contributions made by people with Parkinson’s living in Cornwall. The idea being to demonsttrate how common the condition is by celebrating the talents of some of us affected.


This has developed into the book Cornish Moods which I am selling to raise awareness and funds. I have initally had 100 copies printed and am selling copies for £3.50(plus Postage and packing if necwssary). Each book will raise £1 for the Cornish branches of Parkinson UK.  The book contains 22 poems including three each from Rob Bristol of Liskeard and L Kay Cotton of Cambourne. The remaining 16 are from me. The front and cover photographs were photographs I took of connected Cornish subjects. The front showing the wavesbreaking on a Cornish beach and the rear the bright cheerfulness of the yellow gorse flower resplendant throughout Cornwall when in season..


This book is very much a pilot. A trial to show what is possible if we work together and I hope it will continue next year with contributions from a greater number of people.The poetry is quite common amongst those with Parkinson’s I believe not due to a Parkinson’s side affect but circumstance. Parkinson’s UK have a poetry section in their yearly Mervyn Peake Arts awards. Poetry has become inportant to some People with Parkinson’s for communication as it gives them a voice. Others use it as personal therapy.Some for the sheer enjoyment creativity provides. I have even seen one person usng the reciting of his poem with emphasis on the intonation to calm his dyxkinesias a side effect from the medication. Poetry can also help to keep the mind active an exercise that assists in keeping Parkinsons dementsia at bay.
If you would like a copy of Cornish Moods please email me me at and we will arrange things fom there.Please look out for events happening in awareness week and give them your support. If you live in Cornwall please watch out for an article about Cornish Moods in the local paper the Cornish Guardian. Please follow my blog if you can as there are more blogs planned for awareness week.  Finally I will finish with a poem called Take Control written recently so not part of Cornish Moods.
Take Control

I have a message of some import
To help when you are out of sort
I doesn’t need a drum roll
Just two words Take control
With Parkinson’s we still have choice
Look inside and find your voice
From your heart it is still whole
Just two words take control.
Try something new and refresh
Add hope to life it can enmesh
Refuse Parkinson’s parole
Just two words take control
Opportunities still exist
Look out for them and persist
Godd for you good for the soul
Justtwo words take control
If you can stay positive
It can be a good way to live
Give yourself a personal goal
Just two words take control