Calendar to One eyed Tom

Just over a week ago I collected my Pets(and other animals) for Parkinson’s 2017 Calendar. This was a relief as I had hoped to have it ready earlier. This was put together from a collection of photographs entered in a competition for Poeple with Parkinson’s in Cornwall that I held earlier in the year. I included photographs I took of Copper my cat and Bruno the Rabbit that have both passed away.As judge these could not form part of the competition but being part of the calendar was a fitting tribute.



The calendar is available from me for only £5 (+P&P if required). Email me at All the money raised will go to the Cornish Branches of Parkinson’s UK. The calendars have been paid for by donation so all money received will go to charity.

My next task was to finish the PDF file for the childrens book Sweet Dreams for Jago. Another charity project this time for Children in Need. A friend had kindly provided transport on a Saturday evening when my stepdaughter needed to go to the local hospital and I was between cars.She insisted on staying in case we were referred on to a bigger hospital missing her son’s bedtime reading. I wrote some childrens poems she could read to him as a thank you.


It occurred to me that they really needed illustration so I asked around and everyone gave the same reccommendation, a colleague and friend Steve Vardy whose excellent pictures bring the book to life. So watch this space there will be more on this soon.

Another project I am getting involved in is very much in its gestation. The organiser contacted me having read the Cornish Moods poetry book. She explained that she is sseking to compile current feelings of Cornwall from people here in either song or poetry form. These will be collated on a CD and sold on behalf of a local childrens charity.

My Cornish Mood poetry book is still available for £3.50 please email me at if you would like a copy.

Yesterday was Parkinson’s Education Day here in Cornwall and I attended the conference organised by the local Parkinson’s UK commitees. The first talk was by Paul Mayhew-Archer a comedy writer(whose work includes the Vicar of Dibley). His take on Parkinson’s is well worth hearing and the response was more laughter than I have heard in a Parkinson’s talk.

I started with the calendar and mentioned two pets that gave me years of friendship so I think it is fitting I end with Tom. Tom was a stray taken in by friends but doesn’t get on well with their cats. He is about 3 years old and has lost the sight out of one eye presumably the result of a fight. Last Friday we brought him here to live as a cat for Ilona and for the first two days I would swear he was part chameleon.


In the early hours of the morning on his third day here he showed that he is more a lapcat than chameleon.


Today I will finish with a welcome. Welcome to your new home Tom.




Looe Music Festival

This is a nice local event about 25 miles away from where I live held in the small Cornish Port of Looe. They have a variety of music although it seems to have a folk base.

My usual approach is to manicly try and see everything possible. Maximum entertainment, maximum enjoyment. Sometimes it works out as maximum pressure maximum disappointment.  On the Friday after school for Ilona and work for me we set off.In n particular rush and stopping at the printers on the way. We had plenty of time until a tractor appeared leading the procession of traffic at a carnival pace but with no exotic dancers.

We finaly got there and parked walking quickly to the town discovered the box office was back in the carpark. Any parent of a teenager will tell you that when trying to engage a teenager with music they may not like, you don’t want to start with an unnecessary walk.


dscn62441As we walked back to through carpark to the boxoffice hidden in plain sight to claim our wristbands. Life took the opportunity to throw in a curveball. I showed the adult and child tickets and got asked for proof of  identity. At a time in life  when I want Ilona to show some adult  behaviour at times, life is teasing by asking for proof she is an adult. I however  actually have things under control and unleash my “What planet am I on” expression. which   convinces her to look again at the tickets seeing that one is indeed a childs ticket.

We moved on and finaly got to the main stage to see a rock band called the Departed. A hard rock band proficient on all instruments but my favourite band of the day came later. Ferocious Dog a punk folk band that illed the stage with energy My biggest disappointment was the Neville Staples Band. Their music was fine it was the audiencewho in a confined space kept barging between Ilona and I.


Day 2 Saturday  Again took it easy but the carpark was full and spent about 30 mns before parking but unfortunately only caught half of King Creature. A local heavy metal band but the one Ilona most wanted to see. A band of promise with a guitarist who was a schoolmate of Ilona’s sisters. We stayed until the rain during Sham 69 then cut our losses and headed home.



Day 3 Sunday

Back for the final day and yet again my relaxed approach had consequences. Not even allowed into the carpark I drove to the top on the left side of Looe and walked down the hill. For me this was the best evening to be there after a few bands  the Alabama 3 hit the stage. I had seen them twice before the first time impressedthe second shambolic. This time though the different elements gelled. A sort of Happy Mondays with all the band in the same reality. Great entertainment as the three singers provided variety both in moves and vocals. Next the heavy blues of Willie and the bandits a band who obviosly have fond regard for Cream,with drums, bass and guitar showing their talents individually but blending well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        dscn62541                                                                                                                                                                             The climax was the Fun Lovin Criminals a band I saw 20 years ago. They played a great set slick but yet loose with bits of improvisation Greatway to end a great weekend.However for me it was time for a slow trudge up a long and steep hill buoyed by the pckets full of nostalgia.

A great weekend and no mention of Parkinson’s? Yes Parkinsons was there but although I had some pain with so much standing I managed that by alternating sitting and standing. To ensure my alertness when driving late at night I took midday naps and this worked.