One Eyed Tom


Tom is the newest member of my household and has been here for 3 weeks. He was a stray taken in by friends and promptly repaid them by keeping other cats out. Including the ones who lived there. Tom an equal opportunities cat attacked all with the same vigour as they came through the catflap. So Tom became Ilona’s cat and came to live here. Tom has only one good eye the other probably damaged in a fight.

He has now shown all the signs of settling.including being a shameless hussey with strangers(sitting on the laps staring into their eyes whilst rubbing his nose across their face(don’t tell them about his sneezing). This melts the hearts of those already soft in the head.He is not showing affection he is controlling you but luckily I am immune. A friendly cat who will jump into your lap at any point even when you are typing at the computer. “What’s that Tom? You want me to stop this and finish it later. Yes of course Tom.”.


Tom spends his day  hunting tiny spiders ,vandalising the house, clock watching and being the worlds best tripping hazard. I watched him catch a claw whilst hunting a spider then deliberately ripping the piece of wallpaper from the wall after releasing his claw, followed by pouncing on it. Finishing with trying to pull up the lino until I intervened.

Possibly his greatest talent is as a tripping hazrd, swarming around legs with the precision of a red arrows manoeuvre.Also this puntuated by little birdlike chirruping meows and done with only one good eye. Finally clock watching. I took down a clock to change the time and didn’t put it straight back. Tom became a horologist.

This could take some time so I will leave it there. Bye for now.


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I am 47 and have Parkinson's and a full life with a fulltime job and a family.I live in the UK

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