Christmas-A time for joy?

Christmas a time for joy but for some that joy can be a devastating blow to some others. It can be the confirmation of all that is wrong with your life. I do not feel that way but can understand it.This year I am celebrating and enjoying Xmas but for those who aren’t please step back with me for three years.

In July 2013 my wife moved out after our marriage broke down. We stayed on good terms and no-one else was involved. We have three children and all I wanted to do was maximise the time with the children. To do that we spent a lot of time together. It looked like a lot of Xmas’s before but didn’t feel like it. Pressure from some sides of the family to only attend when the one of us that they identified with was present increased our time together more than we planned. Not sure that last sentance is clear.An invitation from me was only accepted by some of her family if she was also here. The irony she came they cancelled last minute.
I was struggling a bit with the changes and used to hide sometimes on the internet.This increased in the Xmas period and some nights I had no sleep.I continued with this after returning to work and with a condition that disrupts sleep and tablets that cause daytime tiredness I could not cope with my new routine. So I decided to stop and sort it out and yet I didn’t. Things got worse and ihad days where I was no use at work.I came to the point where if I didn’t sort it my job would become under threat. This time I saw the Dr and acccepted some help. I am still working full time and still have tiredness issues but I no longer compound them.
This Christmas I have been looking forward to and am enjoying. Today my Mum and I will eat dinner at Liz’s(separated wife) with two of our daughters and Liz’s partner Jim. We will both miss our other daughter who is working in Lanzarote. This Xmas for me is about my mother a wondeful woman for supports me so much. At the age of 84 she gives so much. I owe her many happy Xmas’s. I have written a book of poetry for her and even the printers misprinting and putting the cover on for another book won’t spoil it My Mum doesn’t do computers or the intranet so this won’t spoil the surprise.
If you are struggling this Xmas my thoughts are with you. I know that my words will not help all but if they help one person my time spent typing is a good investment.Take care.
I will just finish with a poem I wrote 18 months ago.
When you are in the pit of despair
Frantically digging get no where
Only way to go is down
only look to wear is frown
Try to take a pause and look
Who will help by hook by crook
There is always light above
Someones hand held out with love
Fear is the enemy a deceiver
Fear causes panic if you receive her
Instead take hold the hand of hope
Hold tight and with it elope
Come in to my world of kindness
Forgive yourself and pain will be less
Stress and strain will disipate
You life will have a better fate
For I am hope and I am stronger
Will beat anguish can last longer
I am hope can make you smile
For you go the extra mile
Hope can always beat despair
Open your eyes and see it there
Its a friend of everyone
Take my hand and feel the sun

On a wing and a prayer

Red breasted Robin
Soared into the air
Higher and higher
So high he did dare

Suddenly a noise
Then hit by a gust
He looked at his wing
He saw it was bust

He began to plummet
Gathering speed
One wing and a prayer
Are all that he needs

He lands on soft moss
and it does yield
He lay there winded
On back in the field

Hurt from the high fall
Battered and so bruised
He got up staggered
He was so confused

He looked up a star
He saw in the sky
Over a building
Must get there must try

Tried out his poor wings
One he could not flap
Weary legs carry
Needs rest needs a nap

As he enters in
Sees a true wonder
A stable view that
He must now ponder

Finds there a manger
With baby sleeping
Animals surround
For its safekeeping

Robin settles in
To peaceful slumber
Rest and something more
Helps him recover

Wakes to angel voices
Fill the air with song
Getting up rejoices
Never felt so strong

Wise men maybe kings
Visit baby born
Shepherds gaze downwards
at the start of morn

Robin flaps his wings
Wing broken no more
Its a miracle
Its not even sore

Filled with renewed hope
Gone with pain gone fear
Robin the Redbreast
Spreads Xmas cheer

He flew up and out
Left church to be free
Congregation watches
Their nativity

I am sending the Robin to each and every one of you to bring you my good wishes
Happy Xmas

The Joy of Composition

Creative Writing

I have been writing since I learnt how to write.but have only thought of myself as a writer in the past two years.To hear my writing referred to as work seems like vindication. Recently I have been involved in several events because of my writing.
In September I received a draft of a Creative Writing Online Toolkit that I have been helping to put together. This toolkit is to be provided online on Parkinson’s UK website to assist any people with Parkinson’s who want to pursue creative writing.A project I whole heartedly support as it offers benefits to quality of life aspects and to retaining cognitive brain function. Those of you who are members of Parkinson’s UK watch out for an article in their magazine The Parkinson.
In October I provided a “drop in” service at my employers learning for work day having a chance to pass on things thatI learned to people from a diverse background of interests. I met some interesting people and learnt about the diversity of talent in my office.
In November I produced a childrens book Sweet dreams for Jago illustrated by a colleague. I have been selling it to raise money for Children in Need raising £143 with the first batch of 50 and now selling the second batch (so if you would like one email me at I presented two copies of the book to a school my children attended that I served as School Governor for ten years. Seeing the childrens excitement as I presented the books in the school assembly was uplifting.
So what is my blog about. Just the realisation of what reading and writing means to people and how lucky I am to be part of that.