Always look on the bright side of life

One thing we all need is a sense of humour so it is good to see the Shake with laughter comedy shows which are taking place for Parkinsons UK. For info about the latest show    try the link

I won’t duplicate the info here but will just say it looks like a great event with great acts.


Ministry of Shakes and Tremor

At the ministry you wait
See shuffling and clumsy gait
Is this the Minstry of Funny Walks
A questionning voice squawks

It is answered with humour
Ministry of Shakes and Tremor
Idea of Monty Parkinson’s
Holy grail and meaning of fun

Always look on the brightside of life
Even when Parkinson’s is rife
Sit around the round table
Eat pea’s if you are able

Gawain was so fearless in battle
Scared enemies with almighty rattle
Caused by tremor inside armours suit
Mighty warrior of repute

Another fable the life of brain
Tells how dopamine does drain
But like a lumberjack i’m ok
Even when Pakinson’s on display

Fear is one of Parkinson’smissions
As unexpected as Spanish Inquisition
Kill your parrot to force a confession
Take your pills or shaky regression

The ministry of shakes and tremor
Drafts legislation for this drama
If you want the true meaning of life
Monty Parkinson’s can cause strife

One thing I did want to ask is has anyone got any anecdotes, jokes, funny stories they are willing to share. If soplease post them here.

Cyber Security

Not a Parkinson’s specific blog but one that may be useful to others as well. A number of us here are unfamiliar with computing and social media so this blog has been  written to discuss good practice.

Cyber Security

In this world of high technology
I am beset by mythology
Trolls, ghosts, sock-puppets
Seem to think I’m a muppet
What is false and what is real?
Troublesome troll abuse will deal
Often starts to befriend
Causes trouble before end
Can have a one person entourage
Sock-puppets and ghosts form menage
Sockpuppet a profile for deception
Ghost profile empty from inception
Keep personal data under control
Consider new friends, what’s their goal.
If in doubt or seems a little odd
Best thing is to consult a mod
If there is phishing without a license
Caution is the best defence
Do not open anything strange
Your computer it may rearrange
Hacking is usually not techical
They obtained the password  so uncool
Guard with care your device
Guard password too my advice
If you browse
As I expouse
Aware of cyber security
Good chance you stay hassle free
Before I go any further with advice I would like to say that all the online Parkinson’s groups I am involved with are secure and safe thanks to the diigence and care of their

admin. I have been on a different forum which is a nice site full of nice people and recently a troll.(an internet troll is someone causing discord on the internet by starting arguements or unsettling people). Usually the troll starts friendly and can be manipulative so that when it changes behaviour it takes people by surprise. If you think someone is a troll tell the mods(no lambrettas in sight-moderators or admin). It could be the crucial piece of information they need to take action.

Sometimes Trolls use more than one profile.They could use a ghost rofile*profile with bare minimum of info on it) Another type is a sockpuppet(another profile used to somehow decieve) ie a secondary profile used where the first one has been blocked. All these are best dealt with the same way. Block if you can but report them to admin. If admin ban them even if they come back on another profile they can be banned again and t will become too much trouble for them.

Do not let anyone you don’t implicitly trust have personal information Then if there is a problem it can’t spread into other areas of your life.

Phishing this is an attempt to obtain sensitve details like your bank info, usually by email. It could happen in two ways either by tricking you or by opening a program that  takes the info from your computer when you open the email.Best defence read emails and check who they are from before opening.

You should also get a good security package because they will stop a computer virus(program that harms your computer)   or malaware(software that takes info or posts adverts on your computer).

Hacking is not usually done by impressive computer equipment but usually by someonewho guesses your password. Don’t use an an obvious oneie if you have posted pictures of your favourite pet with his name don’t use his name as a password.If you use your computer in a public place don’t leave it unattended or if you do then lock it.If someone guesses your password and your email and you use the same password for a number of things you could be allowing someone a lot of acces.

Final thing. Don’t put anything on the computer that will deeply embarass you. I am talking about things of a sexual nature.What is the worst that can happen?

Certain adult sites from abroad may encourage you to use a webcam purely so they can blackmail you. If that happens google for advice, cut use of the media that got you into trouble. Don’t pay or communicate with them. Some people may be surprised that I include this here but in certain circumstances some people might have hypersexuality caused by their medication. Online may seem a safer way of indulging than in person but webcams can be recorded. I seek only to save somebody a shedload of trouble.

I hope this blog hasn’t put you off. The internet has a lot to offer but we need to take care.

Happy Surfing


Creative Writing Toolkit

Today Parkinsons UK released the Creative Writing Toolkit. A resource for people with Parkinsons to assist them with writing.

Why write and why write creatively?

Writing provides a platform for ideas and a channel for communication. Different perspectives can enlighten us, teaching us, It can inspire as well as educate.

The Bee

 Busy like bees

buzzing with ideas

The writers pollinate our lives
with the sweet honeyed words
Collecting the pollen
From our floweris of emotions
Taking them back to
The hive of creativity
Where they blend
Sweet nectar to concepts
Stored in the
honeycomb of books
Ruled by their queen
of entertainment
They pollenate
Our dreams with wonder
Why can this be of help to someone with Parkinson’s?
To communicate, to keep the brain active, self therapy and more. Parkinson’s UK should be congratulated for a clever approach to wellbeing. I am delighted that they allowed me to help put it together.Now it’s time for me to stop . Have a look for yourself via this link.
Ps I welcome comments on my blog so if you want to start your writing here, free.


New Year

Hi Everyone

Thought it was time to let the cat out of the bag.


That’s my daughters cat Tom. Not to the point but worth a picture.

I don’t make New Years resolutions but it can still be a good time to consider change. I have recently read some things about nutrition. By nutrition I mean the things we need to help our bodies function, food vitamins the obvious things but also social nourishment like friendship and support. Different from diet which is what we eat and includes crisps, biscuits etc that are not good for us. The indication I am getting is that the Mediteranean diet is the way forward. It is the most likely to slow progression and seems better for lowering the risk of other health conditions. I will be studying this food set and moving towards it. No big change to everything just goals I can achieve.

I will combine this with increasing exercise. Again no big bang just a bit more walking initially. If anyone is local enough to go walking then please let me know walking in company is good. I will continue to play badminton weekly and look for other opportunities to exercise.

So no resolution but still a plan. Happy New Year everyone.