To fitness and beyond

A Thursday evening  and after a day in the office I am a bit restless. Whilst performing the cat step dance in he kitchen as Tom tries to persuade me  to give him extra food by being annoying.  I decide to go out but feeling slightly guilty that Tom has been on his own all day I got out the cat entertainment system- Yes that’s right a large brown paper bag,



So I walked down the road feeling good in my healthy choice off activity but starting to ponder my options as I felt hunger. As I was having good healthy exercise taking a small diversion and getting fish and chips was fully justified.  I reinforced my healthy lifestyle by choosing to have only vinegar and no salt. I carried my dinner to the beach where I clambered gingerly over rocks to find  a spot to sit.(knowing my balance to be less than it once was). Sitting relaxed  eating my fish and chips


I listened to the discordant cries of seagulls and a group of boys yelling for attention. Their high pitched boasting that one of them had a knife becoming immediately tiresome .In my mind the thought that they were definitely short of a full set of cutlery remained unsaid as I walked down the beach taking photographs as I went.

for blog1


After half an hour I wandered home legs tired but I felt content.

Tis morning I played badminton and for the second week running I played  better than I have played in the 15 months since I started playing once a week on a Sunday. So what’s the difference? Since I reviewed my medication and we increased a dosage of one of them in March, my badminton has improved.

So putting these two things together I realise that although my fitness may have been on a downward trend it is not a fixed condition and can be improved. S I will just for the moment add a few minutes here and there and build it up. Before writing this I hit the punch ball 300 times.

So thanks for reading. I will leave you with a Buzz Lightweight quote” to fitness and beyond”.


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I am 47 and have Parkinson's and a full life with a fulltime job and a family.I live in the UK

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