Bowling Mowing and STTPD


My quest for world domination has begun it started last Friday when my body surprised me and I bowled well. Bowling with about 26 of my colleagues in the first game I was amongst the best. After finding the right weight ball with the right size finger holes my tremor was no impediment and I bowled consistently. Like Graham Taylor I do not like orange. In the second game I had the best score amongst the 18 of us who continued. So any shaky hand megalomaniacs out there start with winning the bowling and you will get there.

Most of my time when my body surprises me it is in a negative way so this makes a nice change. Another good event is my new position as the Thinking Ladies Parkinson’s Sex Symbol. TLPSS. Actually  I can picture Heidi reading this thinking OMG .As I might have got that acronym a little muddled.  So try again STTPD  that seems better. I have become responsible for Start thinking  today PD a part of a closed Facebook group called Start living today PD. My  brief to encourage cognitive activity to slow/prevent cognitive decline. If you have PD join this group and save yourself from confused acronyms . Trust me I’m not a Dr.

There will be puzzles, quizzes challenges suggestion on how to keep using your cognitive abilities so if you have PD check it out. It is already a positive, supportive  and valued site used by many members and we have plenty of room for more.

I was going to put a joke logic problem here but oh hell why not. If it takes 10 minutes for Heidi to talk  the leg off a donkey how long does it take for 1000 donkeys if they are  all  within earshot?

I got my Sunday paper today and as I ignored him whilst reading Tom had the last laugh by lying on the final supplement Don’t upset the cats they get their revenge.


Forced to do something useful. Reports said a fat man mowed my lawn. So I set up the camera and got the evidence. I unmasked the culprit it is me so I will be using the exercise bike tonight before being put through the expense of larger clothes and a wide angled lens for the camera. As an advert almost said “Belly gonna get rid of you”



I think that is enough insanity for one blog so bye for now.

Take care



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I am 47 and have Parkinson's and a full life with a fulltime job and a family.I live in the UK

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