Cider and shorts

After a good nights sleep and seeing my daughter leave for  school I drove to work. My engine giving a manly roar as I put my foot down instead of sounding like a cement mixer loaded with lumps of metal as it did before the garage fixed it yesterday. . At peace with the world not bothered by those seeing merge in turn as an instruction to overtake as many as possible  I arrived at work

The technology and computers mostly worked. I regaled my colleagues with the artificial friend Domino’s tried to throw at me when I ordered my pizza. Domino’s it takes more than bad jokes and  neediness to become my best friend in real life, so a bit much to expect of a computer app.  How do you know when a pizza is sleeping ? Pizzzzzza – Argggggggghhhhhh Can you hear me scream?


Day went well and off  home to be greeted by Tom’s starving cat routine.  A bravura performance which he thinks deserves an encore, but the summer is here and time to relax

It is an evening for cider and shorts. A bottle of cider to relax with while I ponder how many pairs of trousers I  am too fat for and that the rest are in the laundry basket. So yes perfect weather for shorts.


It is easy to relax today, after 3 out of 4 good nights sleep. Those  of you with Parkinson’s will know what that means. I don’t know why it happened, but I want more  4 out of 5. If I figure out any answers I will let you know.

Thanks for reading.



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I am 47 and have Parkinson's and a full life with a fulltime job and a family.I live in the UK

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