Bush trimming and manly cooking

Another Sunday morning and another good nights  sleep. That is 5 in 7 days .  Last night a dodgy stomach merely delayed a goodnights sleep instead of ruining it.  Down the stairs greeted by Tom my feline tripping hazard lying in wait on the stairs, giving me the excuse for a gratuitous cat photo. Whatever the subject this always seem to go down well.


II have got new batteries for the scales as I decided again, that I must lose weight. The good news is last week I achieved something as I can now put the belt on and do it up on its narrowest hole. Either I have lost weight or stretched a leather belt .So time to go the next step. I weigh myself and I am 17 stone and a quarter of a pound. This will be the first and hopefully last time I weigh over 17 stone.

This morning is badminton and I start on good form and finish on good form but dipped in the middle before taking my madopar tablet. After I get home from badminton I walk to get my newspaper.  If I sit and read the newspaper I will possibly seize up. So today I decide to do some gardening.


I have a hedge that needs attention so it seems as  good a place to start as any. The sun is shining so I stop for a cider leading me to the philosophical question is my hedge half cut or half untrimmed.  Don’t hedge your bets.Despite mixing cider with shorts I am soon ready to resume but now there is a bird in the bush. As the saying goes a bird in the bush may get its feathers  trimmed if it doesn’t feck off out of the way. Anyway after finishing that I put down some weedkiller. So if you require my unprofessional bush trimming services  you must be mad.


It is time for a bit of manly cooking. I have steak for today the only food I prepare with a hammer. Tom as usual gets right in the way but let me assure any of his former owners reading. The cat that fell over whilst I was hammering was a cat chopping board leaning against the disturbed by the vibrations. I always hammer my steak and rub some Worcestershire sauce into. Stops it drying out on the outside whilst cooking..

I have just eaten dinner and OMG that was a good steak, best I have had for a long time. Time to go for now but just one more thing. If my blog has entertained you and you want to say thanks please see the link below and the crowd funder and if you can make a small donation it would help a Parkinson’s support webpage I am involved with.


Thank you




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I am 47 and have Parkinson's and a full life with a fulltime job and a family.I live in the UK

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