Vinyls not for scratching it’s for life


I have had some shit days recently. Car broke down in the middle of a busy junction, have had to buy the car a new engine, named my wallet Martin,  have bushes outside that need trimming, computer not working at work etc. Anyway I sure you understand. Oh one thing to explain, named my Wallet after Martin Handford (creator of Where’s Wally or Where’s Waldo if you are American) as my wallet plays it’s own game where’s money? And being creative a sequel What is money anyway?

Anyway combine this with dropping the dose of my Parkinson’s medicines, being overweight and work being tough and my life is endowed with challenges. Yay!

But so what

I sit listening to Chequered Past(little known band featuring Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols and Clem Burke from Blondie) belt out “Only the strong will survive”  I am happy. Only my vinyl records have the same treasured memories as my much loved books sharing the ability to take me to other places. I listen to the 1980 live version of Whitesnake’s “Fool for your loving” remembering a band before the hair became as important as the music. Aerosmith transport me back to a concert at the Hammersmith Odeon,amongst the best I have seen, Jeff Healey I saw play the guitar in a way no one else can, Red Hot Chilli Peppers who I saw at the Student Union  at Portsmouth with a bassist called flea that jumped continually. I could go but if I haven’t bored you I will.

A short blog but as I sit with a cup of tea made by my daughter and a smile, the cobwebs have been blown away and I feel  energised. Chequered past is chequered present but at the moment feels like the chequered flag. Ian Astbury of the Cult sings in his gloomy shouty way”Hot sticky scenes you know what I mean”and I don’t.  Some lyrics still baffle me but towards the end he sings “I love the rain” and being Cornish born and bred I do.

Long may vinyl reign.

Thanks for reading.

Take care



Garden of Eden and the Prodigal Daughter

I have been looking forward to this week ever since Rhi announced she was coming back for a week. Rhi my daughter that I haven’t seen for ten months was here. A girl loyal and loving to her family and a death sentence to those committing crime against her loved ones. A few perpetrators had found to their cost that a plea for clemency found only a clemency shortage.


Rhi and biomes

My prodigal daughter arrived calmer more adult than ever before and I had a great week. The highlight a day with Rhi to myself at the local garden of Eden, The Eden Project a local homage to ecology at a truly godly price of admission. A place in the drizzle of Cornwall with greenhouses disguised as remnants of giant bubble wrap you can find a chunk of rain forest or a taste of tundra. Garnished with sundry art works that in a different  setting would not be out of place in a Kneehigh play. In other words magical with a suggestion of the unworldly. Including animals you can recycle. Horses that you can carry to water but don’t need a drink.


Edens wooden horses

A green place both in the colour and the ecological sense. You must remember your fruit.or lose your car.So many carparks all named after fruit. This was a day for relaxing in good company whilst remaining alert enough to take sneaky photographs.


Rhi a true believer in recycling clothes modelling here cardi coveted from sister

Rhi tried all the shortcuts commenting on how narrow they were whilst being skinny. Whilst someone skinny as a fatter almost 17 stone rake followed.


Rhis shortcut



Three scultures(ps its a leg in the middle one)

So we walked down the hill reminiscing and taking pictures


Giant bubblewrap greenhouses


Beauty in the eye of the Bee Sculpture


He’s behind you!

So after the Bee it was time to enter the hot humid rainforest dome

Photography continued


Birds in the bush

Lightenning experiment.


Stopping for a Baobab smoothie


Before leaving the dome for a more local brew

Rhi then discovered smokers welcome somewhere else

Into the Mediterranean dome

Next stop Burrito’s then Eden gift shop before heading for the fruit that would find the car.

Thank you for a lovely day out Rhi

London and Manchester

I have listened to the reports and read the stories. What strikes me is the loss to the families of those they hold dear. Each one lost a tragedy.

I have also read stories of ordinary people who are extraordinary. Those who put themselves between danger and others.  Facing not just a knife but also the appearance of a bomb. Stories of courage and others of kindness shown to strangers. Generosity to those in need.

Hate stalks the streets
Planning outrage
Cold calculates
Panic and fear
Killing maiming
Stalking victims
Angry evil
With no remorse
Family grieves
For those theylost
Nation at one
Stands together
Will remember
Brave ones faced you
Risked themseves for
Others Safety
And showed kindness
To those in need
Acts of support
Of humanity
Came at a cost
Too many hurt
Memories kept
Of lost and good
Evil I vow
On each new day
The sun will rise
Your names will fade