London and Manchester

I have listened to the reports and read the stories. What strikes me is the loss to the families of those they hold dear. Each one lost a tragedy.

I have also read stories of ordinary people who are extraordinary. Those who put themselves between danger and others.  Facing not just a knife but also the appearance of a bomb. Stories of courage and others of kindness shown to strangers. Generosity to those in need.

Hate stalks the streets
Planning outrage
Cold calculates
Panic and fear
Killing maiming
Stalking victims
Angry evil
With no remorse
Family grieves
For those theylost
Nation at one
Stands together
Will remember
Brave ones faced you
Risked themseves for
Others Safety
And showed kindness
To those in need
Acts of support
Of humanity
Came at a cost
Too many hurt
Memories kept
Of lost and good
Evil I vow
On each new day
The sun will rise
Your names will fade

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I am 47 and have Parkinson's and a full life with a fulltime job and a family.I live in the UK

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