Memories are a key building block in our personal identity. They are so much more than a lifeless  picture of the past. They form an active part of our personality. They provide a huge resource that we call on to learn from but much more than that they provide us with resilience and emotional support.


There are many poems I have written based on my memories. Some are about the comfort provided by my record collection or books. Today however my thoughts of memory are driven by a visit of my oldest daughter who now lives and works abroad. Her visit has brought me new memories and we have shared some of our past memories.

respryn 1

On Monday we went to Respryn for a walk in a pretty woodland area.  A place for me that has a happy history not just with my children but also with my Mum and Dad.  We walked with smiles as Rhi played with strangers dogs, kicked leaves with her boyfriend and climbed trees.  She shared memories of her past with her boyfriend both by demonstration and explanation.  To see her grown up but retaining her inner child was momentous.  New memories fueled by old As we walked along in the wind brought by the passing of Hurricane Ophelia I could see something here that I have not seen before. I have never felt any confidence that her previous relationships could herald a future. Is that the biased judgement of a protective parent? I don’t think so  but just the benefit of life experience.  This is different. She is with someone that as a couple provides every possibility of a future of happiness. It is upto them and there is never any guarantees.


We went to Jail without passing go. No monopoly but a former jail  as a tourist attraction with a restaurant where I was treated to lunch. Later that day I scanned my photographs on my phone . They were actually quite poor. But it doesn’t matter as they are prompts to powerful memories.


They have returned to Lanzarote but as  I write and reflect it brings me strength.  It has been a privilege to see her sharing memories and her identity with her Spanish boyfriend . To have a place in someone elses identity is an honour.

I have three daughters so different yet all so precious and seeing them together is a joy. The sisterly wars of childhood reached a permanent ceasefire. Competition outlived by solidarity.





I would like to apologise because my blogs have been irregular recently  due to having so much going on. It has been quite a summer.

I wanted to kick start the blogs again with a reminder of why I do it. I was diagnosed almost  eleven years ago  At that time I found stories of people with Parkinson’s  to be daunting and intimidating. This was largely  because the stories were of brave people fighting adversity and not from those who were muddling on doing okay. So my blog is to show as well as Parkinson’s I have a life.  Also there will be various gratuitous posting of cat pictures as I found that people get bored of my words long before losing interest in pictures of my cat Tom.


As I was saying it has been quite a summer. Highs such as going to London with my daughter . Truth is I came into this summer jaded. My employer changed my job changed, some of my family were challenged by their own issues and my medication needed changing. Agreeing and carrying out changes to my medication were cumbersome and slow with less co-ordination between my Consultant , Parkinson’s Nurse and General Practitioner than there should have been.  All of this took it’s toll.


Despite this my summer was packed with many triumphs.  I mentioned the London trip with my daughter.  Although we marvelled at the sight of the magnificent  but impatient mass queueing behaviour  outside the Natural History Museum we didn’t see the wonders inside. The butterfly exhibition on the gardens outside was excellent though.Tate Britain full of a vast heritage of English Art had much to see. Highlights often included my children such as a lovely day out with Shannon and Ilona at Heligan Gardens.


So many highlights including meeting Heidi Reynolds of the Facebook Group Start living today PD. Not just a meeting of minds but  also a meeting of sense of humours. A brewery tour at Skinners brewery provided a good evening and a team challenge in a puzzle room with colleagues led to a great afternoon. So many good things.

I also released my secondbook on Amazonwhich despite its cheapness is not selling so please buy a copy from the link to Amazon below.

Time for a gratuitous cat picture.


As usual life added a few bumps to the road. Having to replace my car engine was no fun, neither was telling my neighbour about his cat being killed by a dog. Negative events that could happen to any of us.

At the start of the blog I mentioned changing my medication. One change is an extra drug from a research trial that increases the amount of co-beneldopa . I have been taking opicapone for just over a month and it is successfully eliminating my offtime between doses of Madopar(that supplies co-beneldopa making life easier.

That’s where I ll end. Thank you for reading this catch up

Take care

Best Wishes