The leg end of Brexit -Pantomime

Usually a Parkinson’s related blog but this year has been dominated by politics so here is a one off political commentary.

2017 The Year of the Pantomime

This is the year we began to replace Brussels European Circus with the good old British Pantomime. To mark the occasion it was announced a new pantomime would be written and with a view to get public support for her script- She called for a vote for the “Scripts” with the provisional title “Manifesto- The Legend of Brexit” This was based on and old myth that escaping from Europe would reveal Aladdin’s cave and while Dick Whittingtons fat cat guarded the treasure the Magic could be used to fund the health service allowing the the sick to healed whilst everyone lived happily ever after” There may be script changes but it was definitely a leg end, something was a foot.

In May the auditions were held and the public got to decide by vote after watching several performances of Oh no its not , Oh yes it is.  Jeremy Corbin won the roll of Lord Hardup the villain whose offer of sweets (payment of student loans) to the young was popular until they realised the sweets were imaginary. 

The vote led to several script changes and the strangest cast but they started to rehearse. Everyone joined in shouting he is behind you to Widow Teresa Twankey who became very dizzy from continual turning around to check.  She sent her White Knight Sir David of Davis to fight Brexit foe and win the golden future. Cunningly she gave him no sword instead gave him a pen. Everyone knows the pen is mightier than the sword and also a damn sight cheaper.  Unfortunately it was filled with invisible ink and he failed to even graffiti the other knight who merely cut off his hand when he tried to grab him by the trade deals.  After finding out his pen couldn’t even writes the fortune the fortune tellers of Brexit decreed the White Knight called for Widow Teresa Twankey. His opponent delighted by her vulnerability showed her civility whilst agreeing the ticket price so she could enter. Curtains down for act one as it is finally noticed the principle boy lacks principles. We eagerly await act two to see how the understudy performs and if the cast can dance to the same tune.





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I am 47 and have Parkinson's and a full life with a fulltime job and a family.I live in the UK

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