Exercise as Medicine

This is the main message I took away from the recent Insight Parkinson’s Online Conference. I have become inactive and over weight and have decided to make changes. I already play badminton on Sunday mornings but on its own that is not enough.

The conference had a consistent message about exercise. Exercise can be used to retrain the brain to cope with changes created by Parkinson’s in a way that can slow down the progression of symptoms. To be most effective it needs to contain several elements.

!) Sessions of intensity

2) Variety of movement

3) Cognitive element

4) Exercising the movements affected by my Parkinson’s


It is clear to me that I need to build a program so that I can hit all these points but initially I need  to become more active while I explore how to best address this I am going to start and in fact already started. So as an interim measure I am going to walk more, use the exercise bike for high intensity exercise and build a more active lifestyle. While I am doing this I will also be losing weight.



There are limitations I have to work around. I have a busy life including a fulltime office job and osteoarthritis in my knee, badminton on a Sunday morning tires me.  However where there is a will there is a way and today after badminton I rested this afternoon and this evening drove to Menabilly and walked to the Gribben(Gribben Head where there is a watch tower.) I was more like the tortoise than the hare plodding steadily up the hill but I do like the Hares strategy of a mid walk nap.


While I was doing this I decided to set myself a goal. On 4 August 2018 I will walk the 10mile stretch of coast between Charlestown and Fowey. I last did this 4 years ago but haven’t walked more than half this distance since.

This will help me to focus on committing to the changes I am making. I would welcome any offers of support. If anyone wanted to walk with me on the day that would really help.

I have also set up a Justgiving page to raise money for Parkinson’s Uk and would welcome any sponsorship.  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jonathon-bestcharlestowntofowey

I will update again soon.

Thank you for readin


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I am 47 and have Parkinson's and a full life with a fulltime job and a family.I live in the UK

2 thoughts on “Exercise as Medicine”

  1. I admire the goals you have set for yourself and look forward to setting goals of my own. I was just diagnosed the end of January and had extensive foot surgery six weeks ago as I could not walk even in the grocery store without a lot of pain. Hopefully I will get out of the cast tomorrow and have the pins removed. Six weeks off my feet has really sapped my strength. I know I have weeks to go in the surgical boot but then I must start rebuilding my strength. Physical therapy is in the cards. Walking is going to be my main ambition. If I can walk my dog a mile a day I will be so happy! I pray you will meet your goal of walking 10 miles, Jon. Keep us posted. 🙂


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