Best days of our lives.

How many times have you heard it said that your schooldays were the best days of your life? I went to a reunion last July and it made me think.  It wasn’t well attended and many didn’t remember me and yet I had a good time. Acquaintances from the past have become friends and I am looking forward to this years event.   



Archive of expired hope

With glasses half full

Relive life’s early glories

Echoing a time

We evoked the future


Burnished and brazen

Bravado in abundance

We strode the study

Of our schooldays

With feigned surety


Learning life’s lesson’s

As though we had

Patented wisdom

Yet often perplexed

As we foraged for fate


Reunion of memories

Shared immaturity

Stories of smiles

Myths of manhood

Female fantasies


A touch of relish

Recalls youthful zest

Bodies Progressed in time

Hearts and minds

Still exuberant


Pride in our past

Gift of our present

Sentience gathered

As we unwrap destiny

With talents galore


Passing the baton to

Our children’s cohort

Yet still running

Our relay alongside

Promoting their promise


Schooldays long past

But emerged from

Their camaraderie

The essence of

Enduring entity


Celebration of

Our foundation

Footsteps of youth

Stride to adulthood

Blessed by reunion


School days were days of great excitement but also of vulnerability . Days of the uninformed uniformed. Where we strived to be noticed without putting our head above the parapets. Differences were allowed if peers could relate to the context.

Great days maybe the best days of my life but it is not cut and dried every stage of my life could make a case that competes. Now included. We can choose a winner or just decide our whole life can be fun. Never too old for life to be a blast.


Thank you for reading



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I am 47 and have Parkinson's and a full life with a fulltime job and a family.I live in the UK

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