liberte egalite fraternite

Although this is a Parkinson’s blog I cannot read the news without reaction and I find it easier to be coherent in poetry form. For all those who lost a loved one in France my heart is with you.

libette egalite fraternite
Our respects we must pay

Innocents killed at random
Their memory we wont abandon
So look around and join hands
With anyone from any lands
Any race religion or creed
That understand how people bleed
Muslim Christian or any other
Abhors this call them brother
Stand together not divide
Humanity should be our guide
Even the killers are pawns
Of evil that the hidden spawn
Killers that are prepared to die
Convinced by a foul lie
Their mothers lost ther sons
When inhumanity overcome
Not just their child are they denied
Robbed of remembering with pride
The ones that hold the shame
Use this as a power game
Fund the voice of hate
We must not take their bait
Blame not religion but find the money
Cut the purse strings of the enemy
Hold those responsible to account
To stop them is paramount
Stand together stand united
All who abhor violence invited
Stand against this insanity
Stand up for our humanity



My first blog which I guess was inevitable and surprising it has taken so long. This will be a personal and Parkinson’s blog . It may feature some poetry as well as prose. I am going to start with a question.

Do you feel lucky?

Thats a question for those with Parkinson’s. I am not asking if you feel lucky to have Parkinson’s but whether you you feel lucky to have a condition although misunderstood by many, that is very common. There is strength in numbers and the possibility to be part of a community. There is money for research and here in the UK specialist nurses to help support us.

Other rare conditions don’t have this. facility so you have a choice you can try a consultant usually unable to discuss practical solutions to symptoms or advice from a GP who wants to refer any potential problem linked to the conditon back to the consultant.

Other factors we have a recognised condition when filling in benefit claims and a charity will support us through appeals. A charity that lobbies the politicians.

Why am I thinking about this? I know people with rare autoimmmune conditions who don’t get the support we do. One of those people is my stepdaughter. There is always someone worse off than you. Bye for now