Garden of Eden and the Prodigal Daughter

I have been looking forward to this week ever since Rhi announced she was coming back for a week. Rhi my daughter that I haven’t seen for ten months was here. A girl loyal and loving to her family and a death sentence to those committing crime against her loved ones. A few perpetrators had found to their cost that a plea for clemency found only a clemency shortage.


Rhi and biomes

My prodigal daughter arrived calmer more adult than ever before and I had a great week. The highlight a day with Rhi to myself at the local garden of Eden, The Eden Project a local homage to ecology at a truly godly price of admission. A place in the drizzle of Cornwall with greenhouses disguised as remnants of giant bubble wrap you can find a chunk of rain forest or a taste of tundra. Garnished with sundry art works that in a different  setting would not be out of place in a Kneehigh play. In other words magical with a suggestion of the unworldly. Including animals you can recycle. Horses that you can carry to water but don’t need a drink.


Edens wooden horses

A green place both in the colour and the ecological sense. You must remember your fruit.or lose your car.So many carparks all named after fruit. This was a day for relaxing in good company whilst remaining alert enough to take sneaky photographs.


Rhi a true believer in recycling clothes modelling here cardi coveted from sister

Rhi tried all the shortcuts commenting on how narrow they were whilst being skinny. Whilst someone skinny as a fatter almost 17 stone rake followed.


Rhis shortcut



Three scultures(ps its a leg in the middle one)

So we walked down the hill reminiscing and taking pictures


Giant bubblewrap greenhouses


Beauty in the eye of the Bee Sculpture


He’s behind you!

So after the Bee it was time to enter the hot humid rainforest dome

Photography continued


Birds in the bush

Lightenning experiment.


Stopping for a Baobab smoothie


Before leaving the dome for a more local brew

Rhi then discovered smokers welcome somewhere else

Into the Mediterranean dome

Next stop Burrito’s then Eden gift shop before heading for the fruit that would find the car.

Thank you for a lovely day out Rhi


London and Manchester

I have listened to the reports and read the stories. What strikes me is the loss to the families of those they hold dear. Each one lost a tragedy.

I have also read stories of ordinary people who are extraordinary. Those who put themselves between danger and others.  Facing not just a knife but also the appearance of a bomb. Stories of courage and others of kindness shown to strangers. Generosity to those in need.

Hate stalks the streets
Planning outrage
Cold calculates
Panic and fear
Killing maiming
Stalking victims
Angry evil
With no remorse
Family grieves
For those theylost
Nation at one
Stands together
Will remember
Brave ones faced you
Risked themseves for
Others Safety
And showed kindness
To those in need
Acts of support
Of humanity
Came at a cost
Too many hurt
Memories kept
Of lost and good
Evil I vow
On each new day
The sun will rise
Your names will fade

Bush trimming and manly cooking

Another Sunday morning and another good nights  sleep. That is 5 in 7 days .  Last night a dodgy stomach merely delayed a goodnights sleep instead of ruining it.  Down the stairs greeted by Tom my feline tripping hazard lying in wait on the stairs, giving me the excuse for a gratuitous cat photo. Whatever the subject this always seem to go down well.


II have got new batteries for the scales as I decided again, that I must lose weight. The good news is last week I achieved something as I can now put the belt on and do it up on its narrowest hole. Either I have lost weight or stretched a leather belt .So time to go the next step. I weigh myself and I am 17 stone and a quarter of a pound. This will be the first and hopefully last time I weigh over 17 stone.

This morning is badminton and I start on good form and finish on good form but dipped in the middle before taking my madopar tablet. After I get home from badminton I walk to get my newspaper.  If I sit and read the newspaper I will possibly seize up. So today I decide to do some gardening.


I have a hedge that needs attention so it seems as  good a place to start as any. The sun is shining so I stop for a cider leading me to the philosophical question is my hedge half cut or half untrimmed.  Don’t hedge your bets.Despite mixing cider with shorts I am soon ready to resume but now there is a bird in the bush. As the saying goes a bird in the bush may get its feathers  trimmed if it doesn’t feck off out of the way. Anyway after finishing that I put down some weedkiller. So if you require my unprofessional bush trimming services  you must be mad.


It is time for a bit of manly cooking. I have steak for today the only food I prepare with a hammer. Tom as usual gets right in the way but let me assure any of his former owners reading. The cat that fell over whilst I was hammering was a cat chopping board leaning against the disturbed by the vibrations. I always hammer my steak and rub some Worcestershire sauce into. Stops it drying out on the outside whilst cooking..

I have just eaten dinner and OMG that was a good steak, best I have had for a long time. Time to go for now but just one more thing. If my blog has entertained you and you want to say thanks please see the link below and the crowd funder and if you can make a small donation it would help a Parkinson’s support webpage I am involved with.

Thank you



Cider and shorts

After a good nights sleep and seeing my daughter leave for  school I drove to work. My engine giving a manly roar as I put my foot down instead of sounding like a cement mixer loaded with lumps of metal as it did before the garage fixed it yesterday. . At peace with the world not bothered by those seeing merge in turn as an instruction to overtake as many as possible  I arrived at work

The technology and computers mostly worked. I regaled my colleagues with the artificial friend Domino’s tried to throw at me when I ordered my pizza. Domino’s it takes more than bad jokes and  neediness to become my best friend in real life, so a bit much to expect of a computer app.  How do you know when a pizza is sleeping ? Pizzzzzza – Argggggggghhhhhh Can you hear me scream?


Day went well and off  home to be greeted by Tom’s starving cat routine.  A bravura performance which he thinks deserves an encore, but the summer is here and time to relax

It is an evening for cider and shorts. A bottle of cider to relax with while I ponder how many pairs of trousers I  am too fat for and that the rest are in the laundry basket. So yes perfect weather for shorts.


It is easy to relax today, after 3 out of 4 good nights sleep. Those  of you with Parkinson’s will know what that means. I don’t know why it happened, but I want more  4 out of 5. If I figure out any answers I will let you know.

Thanks for reading.


Bowling Mowing and STTPD


My quest for world domination has begun it started last Friday when my body surprised me and I bowled well. Bowling with about 26 of my colleagues in the first game I was amongst the best. After finding the right weight ball with the right size finger holes my tremor was no impediment and I bowled consistently. Like Graham Taylor I do not like orange. In the second game I had the best score amongst the 18 of us who continued. So any shaky hand megalomaniacs out there start with winning the bowling and you will get there.

Most of my time when my body surprises me it is in a negative way so this makes a nice change. Another good event is my new position as the Thinking Ladies Parkinson’s Sex Symbol. TLPSS. Actually  I can picture Heidi reading this thinking OMG .As I might have got that acronym a little muddled.  So try again STTPD  that seems better. I have become responsible for Start thinking  today PD a part of a closed Facebook group called Start living today PD. My  brief to encourage cognitive activity to slow/prevent cognitive decline. If you have PD join this group and save yourself from confused acronyms . Trust me I’m not a Dr.

There will be puzzles, quizzes challenges suggestion on how to keep using your cognitive abilities so if you have PD check it out. It is already a positive, supportive  and valued site used by many members and we have plenty of room for more.

I was going to put a joke logic problem here but oh hell why not. If it takes 10 minutes for Heidi to talk  the leg off a donkey how long does it take for 1000 donkeys if they are  all  within earshot?

I got my Sunday paper today and as I ignored him whilst reading Tom had the last laugh by lying on the final supplement Don’t upset the cats they get their revenge.


Forced to do something useful. Reports said a fat man mowed my lawn. So I set up the camera and got the evidence. I unmasked the culprit it is me so I will be using the exercise bike tonight before being put through the expense of larger clothes and a wide angled lens for the camera. As an advert almost said “Belly gonna get rid of you”



I think that is enough insanity for one blog so bye for now.

Take care


Photography-A hobby

Photography captures a moment and if you have an eye for the right moment it can be beautiful..

I love photography but have no special aptitude so I will feature , another’s work today. John Whipps 5 years ago a self confessed happy snapper just clicking away at family occasions. entered a photography competition I ran for people with Parkinson’s in Cornwall. He didn’t win but submitted some very good pictures and more importantly discovered a hobby and an eye for a picture. Since then John has had several pictures printed in the local press.

In a blog last year I suggested people tried to take pictures at a beach but pictures with a difference from the normal scenes and I will share with you the dozen he sent me.

Aerosol survivor (1)

Aerosol Surviver

Early morning moon

Early morning moon

Foam racers

Foam racers

Geese away

Geese away

Morning sadness

Morning Sadness

Old man of the sea

Old man of the sea

Sunbeams light the sky

Sunbeams light the sky

Sea Gods in discussion

Sea gods in discussion

Limpet shell remains

Limpet shell remains

Lobster pots survive

Lobster pots

Polystyrene fun

Polystyrene fun

Ready and waiting

Ready and waiting

I won’t bore you with my assessment of John’s photo’s as they speak for themselves. Two things however do come to mind.

It is never too late for a new hobby

If you look at things afresh you may see more than you expected.

Thanks John


To fitness and beyond

A Thursday evening  and after a day in the office I am a bit restless. Whilst performing the cat step dance in he kitchen as Tom tries to persuade me  to give him extra food by being annoying.  I decide to go out but feeling slightly guilty that Tom has been on his own all day I got out the cat entertainment system- Yes that’s right a large brown paper bag,



So I walked down the road feeling good in my healthy choice off activity but starting to ponder my options as I felt hunger. As I was having good healthy exercise taking a small diversion and getting fish and chips was fully justified.  I reinforced my healthy lifestyle by choosing to have only vinegar and no salt. I carried my dinner to the beach where I clambered gingerly over rocks to find  a spot to sit.(knowing my balance to be less than it once was). Sitting relaxed  eating my fish and chips


I listened to the discordant cries of seagulls and a group of boys yelling for attention. Their high pitched boasting that one of them had a knife becoming immediately tiresome .In my mind the thought that they were definitely short of a full set of cutlery remained unsaid as I walked down the beach taking photographs as I went.

for blog1


After half an hour I wandered home legs tired but I felt content.

Tis morning I played badminton and for the second week running I played  better than I have played in the 15 months since I started playing once a week on a Sunday. So what’s the difference? Since I reviewed my medication and we increased a dosage of one of them in March, my badminton has improved.

So putting these two things together I realise that although my fitness may have been on a downward trend it is not a fixed condition and can be improved. S I will just for the moment add a few minutes here and there and build it up. Before writing this I hit the punch ball 300 times.

So thanks for reading. I will leave you with a Buzz Lightweight quote” to fitness and beyond”.